MNM ProLabs

The future of Sports Networking is now. RankUp ProLabs is a Mobile Application for Athletes, Brands, Schools, Scouts, Agents, and Coaches, which allows you to create a profile and connect with other athletes.

Your profile, which you get to personalize with specific information based on your sport will be your marketing platform to showcase your skill and talent to the world. Your profile picture and highlighted stats will later become your business card which will favor the traditional sports cards in circulation today.

On this platform, you’ll get to compete for the leaderboard, show your skill level, share your best trick, highlight your best score, display your power, showcase your ability, find your star infielder, locate your top college prospect, seek ambassadors, sign professional contracts, and seek sponsorship opportunities!

Coaches, Brands, Scouts, Agents, Teams and others will be able to search, locate, contact, and connect with athletes seeking opportunities for career progression.

Our goal is to provide you a highly effective networking platform, presenting you with an opportunity to advance in your career. The RankUp ProLabs Mobile Application will be available on both IOS and Android devices late summer.

Look for all the updates on here and social media regarding System Design, Implementation, Testing, and Deployment.

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