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In the world of fitness, progress is fueled by dedication, hard work, and the right nutrition. MNM ProLabs, a trusted name in sports nutrition, has developed a trio of potent supplements designed to enhance your performance, recovery, and overall results. FKN-A-WHEY, FREEK-JUICE, and PRO-EA360 are the game-changing tools you need to take your fitness journey to new heights. In this article, we’ll explore these cutting-edge supplements and how they can revolutionize your workouts.

FKN-A-WHEY: Your Post-Workout Partner

FKN-A-WHEY redefines protein supplementation with its exceptional composition. Crafted from 100% Ultra-Filtered Whey Isolate, it boasts minimal fat and lactose content, ensuring that you’re getting pure, high-quality protein. What sets FKN-A-WHEY apart is its strategic addition of Papain and Protease enzymes, which optimize protein absorption. This means your muscles are primed to receive the essential amino acids they crave after an intense workout.

Immediate absorption is where FKN-A-WHEY truly shines. As you finish your last rep, your muscles are in need of rapid nourishment. FKN-A-WHEY delivers by flooding your muscles with key amino acids, promoting efficient recovery and muscle growth. Unlike other products, it excludes cheap ingredients like Glycine or Taurine, underscoring MNM ProLabs’ commitment to providing you with a high-quality supplement that supports your goals.

FREEK-JUICE: Unleash Your Inner Athlete

For those who seek to conquer their workouts with unmatched energy and focus, FREEK-JUICE is the answer. This pre-workout powerhouse stands as one of MNM ProLabs’ most potent formulations. Packed with 1000mg of Creatine Monohydrate and other powerful ingredients, FREEK-JUICE promises explosive pumps and mind-blowing energy.

With FREEK-JUICE, you’re not just taking a pre-workout; you’re igniting a transformation in your performance. The blend of ingredients fuels your body, ensuring you approach each workout with unbridled determination. Your sets become easier to crush, reps fall one after another, and your gains become a reality. As a testament to MNM ProLabs’ commitment to quality, FREEK-JUICE stands tall as a pre-workout designed to meet the needs of athletes across the spectrum.

PRO-EA360: Elevate Your Training with Amino Power

Completing the trio, PRO-EA360 steps onto the stage as a versatile training drink that holds the key to energy, endurance, and muscle recovery. This unique formula combines twelve free-form Amino Acids with an Energy Blend to fuel your training sessions with unwavering focus and stamina. The inclusion of BCAAs and essential amino acids supports lean muscle growth and maintenance.

What sets PRO-EA360 apart is its Amino Blend, carefully crafted with a lineup of amino acids that truly matter. The revolutionary blend includes Taurine, L-Glutamine, L-Arginine, BCAAs, and other essential amino acids – all crucial for maximizing your workouts. Complementing this is the Energy Blend, which harnesses the power of Caffeine, Theobromine, and Green Tea Extract for sustained energy and mental clarity.


MNM ProLabs’ trio of supplements – FKN-A-WHEY, FREEK-JUICE, and PRO-EA360 – form a comprehensive arsenal for fitness enthusiasts and athletes. From powering through your workouts with FREEK-JUICE to optimizing recovery with FKN-A-WHEY and enhancing training sessions with PRO-EA360, these products deliver on their promises. With the backing of MNM ProLabs’ trusted brand, you’re equipped to demolish your goals, surpass your limits, and achieve the gains you’ve always desired. Elevate your fitness journey today and experience the difference that quality supplementation can make.

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