Back On Track: Your Journey to a Healthy Spine

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Lower back pain is a prevalent issue, often stemming from evolutionary factors and modern sedentary lifestyles. This program addresses the common cause of lumbar disc injuries, emphasizing the importance of prevention over cure.

The program highlights that lumbar disc injuries, not muscle pain, account for over 90% of lower back pain cases. Factors such as poor adaptation to pressure and weakened core muscles contribute to disc prolapse and subsequent degeneration.


  • Comprehensive Understanding: Gain in-depth knowledge of lower back pain causes, focusing on lumbar disc injuries, and the impact of a modern sedentary lifestyle.
  • Targeted Principles: Explore core principles focusing on Hips (Strength and Mobility), Core (Strength and Control), and Low Back/Thoracic Spine (Control and Mobility) for a well-rounded rehabilitation strategy.
  • Structured Program: Access a structured 4-week program with prescribed exercises designed to be completed 3-4 times a week, providing a clear path to recovery.
  • Individualized Approach: Customize the program based on personal comfort and needs, with the flexibility to adjust the intensity or eliminate exercises that may cause discomfort.
  • Holistic Approach: Embrace a holistic approach that combines knowledge, exercise, and lifestyle adjustments, promoting overall well-being beyond just symptom management.

Enroll in the Back on Track Program to take control of your spine health, understand the root causes of lower back pain, and equip yourself with practical strategies for long-term relief and prevention.


Medical Disclaimer

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